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» Angel (Memorial)

» Teddy Bears (Park Sculpture)

» Geometric (Private Sculpture)

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     The case studies presented here will follow three projects from concept to completion. The clientele and their circumstances differ widely, but our procedure and approaches to each are typical.

     The medium is granite, which is positioned at 7-8 on Mohs' scale. (Mohs' scale of hardness was published by Frederick Mohs in 1822 and is used to indicate the hardness of "rock" on a nonlinear scale of 1 to 10 using a scratch test - the ability of one material to scratch another determines its position on the scale. Diamond is at the top at 10.)

     The general public rarely sees the work behind the finished product. We thought it might be interesting to peel back a few layers of the process and reveal the workings of a commissioned sculpture project in granite. Our first study is a singular sculpture of memorial nature. The second, a more complex multiple piece group of public art, and the third is a unique collaboration between client and sculptor.

     We've attempted to eliminate all of the minute details, too numerous to mention, and present an overview that includes all of the major aspects of the project. Most of the photos are snapshots taken during the progressive phases and the image quality is the best we can offer.

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