Barre Sculpture Studios was established in 1985 as a sculptural service to the monument industry. We produced figurative works for monument retailers, churches and civic organizations throughout the Northeast US.

     Barre's stone carving industry has long been known as the source for hand-carved granite work. Since the late 1800's some of the finest examples of this rare craft were produced here. At the end of the 19th Century a diverse ethnic blend of stone-carvers, sculptors and masons converged in Barre to form a work force of craftsmen that was unparalleled in the American stone trade. They cast a long shadow into the turn of the 20th Century, and their craft is at the core of our work here at the studios.

     Times change and although historically, memorialization had been the premise for all public sculpture, we now produce work to create a sense of place and permanence. The creation of artistic monuments is still a vital part of what we do, but our range of interests and capabilities have expanded into architecture, design, landscape architecture, sculpture for interiors, parks and gardens, and sculpture for its own sake.

     Figurative sculpture and the craft of stone carving have become our point of departure to further explore granite's potential.

     Our clientele now includes individuals, committees of civic organizations, benefactors to institutions and foundations as well as distinctive monument builders and architectural firms. In short, people who appreciate the value of finely crafted sculpture in an enduring material.

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