The creation of a sculptural project in granite can be a very straightforward, relatively simple process or it can be a complex series of phases requiring months of work and patience from all parties involved.

     It is preferable for the sculptor and client to work directly on the specifics of the project - though for larger efforts a client designated project manager may be desirable. Once the conceptual or artistic phase is complete, the project becomes a collaborative effort on behalf of the client, the sculptor and the other professionals needed to execute the concept. As with any creative process, things can and will change or evolve, and the sculptor will make most of the creative decisions. However, our initial recommendations not withstanding, we will defer to the client on any reasonable request regarding scale, texture, color, etc. No significant changes will be made without the client's approval. During this entire process a strong rapport is developed between the client and sculptor, along with a trust that we are all focused on the best outcome.

     The client's expectations are foremost in the sculptor's efforts, and a mutual respect will keep the project from degenerating into the dreaded "employer/employee relationship." Though the process may often appear to be a construction project, no one should lose sight of the critical fact that this is a creative process. The work is bone jarring, dangerous, and mentally exhausting, but the sculptor's spirit and enthusiasm must remain as unencumbered as possible. Everything will be reflected in the results.

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